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© 2016 by Nicole VanGorden. 

Oregon Licensed Massage Therapist

Liscensed under Nicole VanGorden LMT #20427

the  Healing Way  with Nadiel

Sovereign Visions' mission is Joyful Empowerment of BEing. I work with a variety of different spiritual tools and psychic awarenesses to bring balance, sovereignty, loving kindness, and expanded vision to my clients.

I operate under the belief system that we create our own reality in tandem with Universal Source Flow. What we believe about who we are and how the world operates are the pillars and foundation for what shows up in our everyday lives. Often times we find that we are unconsciously or passively creating our realities, in ways that don't feel kind or loving to our journey. We even have the tendency to operate within other people’s beliefs instead of our own. I sincerely hold that examining our creational beliefs with presence and choosing what we carry leads us to a golden dawn of awakening, empowerment, ultimate Sovereignty and actualized Vision of BEing.


I define Sovereign as a supreme, individual, free, and independant state of authority for peaceful loving BEing.

Sovereign encompasses a great many ideals; freedom from external control and a supreme and excellent authority over one’s own life creation. In this Sovereignty holds a frequency of Unity and Mastery of BEing. To be Sovereign one must know thyself intimately and lovingly. We simultaneously must know what we ARE, not just what we ARE NOT. In knowing our own truth and holding it in Sovereign regard we effortlessly liberate ourselves from outside influence, however we have created it to BE in our lives. In spiritual and energetic planes Sovereignty means freeing our BEing from thoughtforms, entities, imprints, curses, bindings, contracts, old karmas, loops, illusions, and other method or devices of DisEmpowerment. Energetic Sovereignty asks us to compassionately take responsibility for our lives, and transform ourselves in joyful liberating ways that bring forward a lasting love and peaceful BEing.

I define Vision as the ability to see, feel, experience, and think with intuition, creativity, truth, and wisdom for peaceful and loving BEing.

Vision is just as equally important to our path towards Source. Vision speaks to our presence of perception and perspective in life. Vision is the archetype of light, in the dark and dim spaces of BEing, the capacity to see the greater trajectory of our path in this lifetime and many others. Intuition and psychic ability are beautiful tools that assist us in navigating in more pure and positive ways through this labyrinth of life. These tools like any other often need updates, need to be tempered by another frequency to find the best fit in our lives. Here enters wisdom and creativity, bringing to these gifts a sense of translated truth and playful exploration. Vision also bears with it the opportunity of greater perspective. It is with our Vision that we Temper and transform Sovereignty from any isolative tendency into a grander Vision: that all is Sovereign, and so we are all connected in our journey on this plane and every other. Vision in a healing session assist my clients to awaken their own unique gifts, discernments, perspectives, lights the path forwards out of realms of shadow, and renewing the grace, reverence, and awe inherent by divine right to all beings.

The name of my business represents exactly what I bring to a client in session. Sovereignty and Vision are my core values of BEing that hold great promise and expansion through the medium of my healing Soul Purpose.


What Clients are Saying

"This beautiful person has helped me so much on many levels! She is multi-talented & multi-dimensional and has opened up many pathways to healing for me, physical, emotional, and energetic. Through my appointments with her I have found much peace, relief from pain, and inspiration to know myself deeper! I am endlessly grateful to the universe for letting our pathways collide."


"Nicole is such a beautiful tender soul, full of such strength and compassion. Every visit I get more clarity, confidence, knowing, peace and joy. Every meeting is unique and beautiful. From releasing fears to stuck energy she's like a one stop auto shop for the soul. There's not enough words to express my gratitude and the honor it's been working with Nicole, I always walk away feeling lighter and buzzing energetically, she's truly gifted."


"Nicole is an amazing person that I just enjoy immensely. She uses her skills, knowledge, and gifts to help me in the perfect way every time I have a session with her. Not to mention the classes she offers that are so healing and transformative. Consider yourself very lucky to be drawn to her because she will help you on whatever path you are on."



Nicole is a Psychic, Instrument for Energetic Transmutation, Crystal Intuitive, Spiritual Guide,  and Oregon Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT #20427 ~ Portland Only). She works through deep levels of the soul to bring stuck, stagnant, and old patterning to the light of awareness and transformation. Nicole helps navigate clients to greater heights of empowerment and facilitates growth and healing. She traces patterns and karma back to their origin; releasing and transmuting them from the Multidimensional Soul down to the Cellular Being. She also works with client’s difficult or unwanted emotions. These “shadow aspects” reside in all of us as a catalyst to bring greater harmony, healing, and unity when discovered and integrated with our divine blueprint of truth. Each session dives deep into the inner realms of the soul and is as unique and profound as each and every person.


Sessions may include shadow transformation, word alchemy, psychic readings, past life work, illumination of the subconscious, card readings, karmic resolution, spiritual tool development, crystal elixirs, energy shift massage, and or crystal cupping.

(body work available only in the Portland office LMT #20427)